9 Feb 2019

9 February 2019: Isla Contadora, Las Perlas Islands, Panama

By the time we got organised and left the marina we headed to Isla Taboga, only 7 miles from Panama City and a popular weekend destination for people getting out of the city.

It was a pleasant place but nothing out of the ordinary so yesterday morning we up-anchored and headed for the Las Perlas archipelago.

This chain of mainly uninhabited islands lie 40 miles off the Panamanian coast and were famous for pearls. A few islands still sell them so we'll go and have a look. Contadora is the main island with a small airport and a few shops and restaurants. We popped ashore this morning. It's very pretty with beautiful sand beaches.

We're going to head south to a few of the remoter islands for the next few days but will be back in Contadora by Wednesday.

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