29 Oct 2018

29th October, ready to depart ...

We have had the removals people in today packing our valuables ready for our departure. We will be renting our house out (hopefully) for the time that we are away, and we fully expect to be living out of a suitcase when we return to the UK next year.
The final bits of the propeller to fix the wobble are on their way to Grenada, as I write this, it is in transit with an expected delivery of the 1st November. We hope that it will be fitted by the time we arrive  on the island on the 3rd November. We are crossing all fingers and toes!
Once we arrive in Grenada, basically we will have one full day to get Tumi ready to launch, then we will have a day in a slip fitting the sails before we head round to Prickly Bay to meet up with the people who will be stitching our existing, and making our new canvas bits and pieces. We fully expect to be in Grenada for a couple of weeks before heading northwards, and should be able to meet up with some friends in between times.
The next bulletin will come from Grenada!

17 Oct 2018

17 October 2018 Some last minute activity

We are really on the countdown now, getting ready to depart and rejoin the warm weather out in Grenada. We have had to have the rudder bearings replaced on Tumi as there was a bit of play from having achieved over 10,000 miles of sailing in her. That went OK, but when the boat guys were working on the rudder they noticed some significant play on the propellor (see below).

So we have had a flurry of emails between ourselves and the UK agents for Gori props and several spare parts were ordered and despatched on Monday. The stripped down prop had some worn bushes and these have hopefully been replaced.

As the day of our departure draws rapidly near, we are shocked to see just how much stuff we need to take back with us, not least of which is technology based. We have invested in a laser flare which gives us 8 hours of constant use instead of an average 30 seconds from an individual pyrotechnic flare. Not cheap, but very practical. I only hope that we never have to use it! Hopefully we can fit some of our clothes in the bags as well as the 'stuff'.