27 Oct 2010

[Cruise News] T minus 8 days

We are down to the final stages of planning now. Most of the Ts are crossed, but a few of the Is are waiting to be dotted. We're feeling a bit like pincushions at the moment with all the jabs we've been having but needs must...

Life has been one long round of bon voyage parties in the past week, and there are a few more yet to come. Debra and I are trying desperately to maintain our svelte figures despite the revelry, but it is proving to be difficult turning down food and beverage. If you read reports of two beached white whales sighted on the beach in Grenada, don't get too excited, it will just be us. Hopefully, when we are on our healthier diets of lots of fresh fruit, salads, and seafood, combined with loads of exercise trimming sails, hiking and swimming we will become shadows of our present selves! You will have to judge our progress through the photos we take.

12 Oct 2010

[Cruise News] T minus 23 days

We had our first set of inoculations today - talk about leaving things to the last moment as usual. We were recommended to have Hepatitis B and Rabies (prevalent in the southern islands apparently due to the close proximity to South America) so we both had 2 jabs in the left arm being the first of three weekly visits to the Superdrug clinic. The final jabs are to be received on the Tuesday before we leave home on the Wednesday, so we hope there are no side effects!