'Tumi' is a Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 469, she is over 14 m long, 4.5 m wide, 20.32 m tall with a 2.25 m deep keel. She has three large sleeping cabins and a spacious open-plan galley / saloon.  

She arrived in Plymouth from the factory in France on 14/4/2014 as a 'Convoi Exceptionnel' on the back of a low loader, shrink wrapped to protect her from the elements, but minus her mast which was too long to fit on the truck!  After six weeks worth of work kitting her out with all the latest electronics and communication devices for us to live aboard comfortably and safely, she was launched on 27/5/2014 when her mast was stepped (fitted).  There's probably another week needed to finish of the installations and test out the equipment before she'll be handed over to us.  We are really looking forward to putting her through her paces.

Arrival day - 14/4/2014


Work has already started on getting Tumi up to scratch. She has had her bottom coppered (5 coats) which should mean that we have maintenance free antifoul for the next 15 years or so, requiring only a mild clean every so often to loosen any critters that might try to cling on to the hull.  The electricians have also taken all the equipment aboard and started to unpack it .... chaos reigns!

Work in progress - Plymouth

Inspecting progress

The Sprayhood is on!

And the navigation instruments are being fitted


No photos this week, courtesy of forgetting to take the camera!  But we're pleased to report both radios (both VHF and SSB) are now fitted, as are the TV and keel-cooler for the fridge/freezer, and thoughts have now turned to the watermaker.  Our input is limited to practical suggestions of where best to fit the equipment to ensure as much easily accessible storage space as possible remains.

We've also completed and returned two fitted covers for the seat cushions, designed to provide protection on the long passages.  Just another five to go!

The Jeanneau dealer has said we probably won't have the handover until the end of May now, basically a combination of him underestimating how long it will take to fit all the equipment, and also the marine electricians balancing several jobs alongside our job.  Disappointing but we'd rather they fit things properly instead of in a rush, and at least it gives it a bit more time to warm up!


Aflying visit yesterday revealed progress is finally being made by the eletricians.  They've made a really good job of fitting the watermaker, mebranes and filter but have had to use up part of three storage lockers which we had ear-marked for supplies!  Added to that the shallow under-floor storage compartments compared to those on Jay Jay (because Tumi isn't a deck saloon yet still retains ceiling height down below) then we're going to have to think carefully about what we take and where we store it.  Tumi does however have three extra cupboards in the galley, a large sail locker on deck (about 7 feet deep with a ladder down into it) and we do also have a third cabin, then we should be okay.

The bimini frame is on board, although not fitted, steering wheels fitted and covers in place and we were also in discussions with the dealer about the positioning of the davits which will allow us to hoist and carry the dinghy behind the boat.  Obviously these need to be at a sufficent height that when we heel over the dinghy isn't trailing through the water!  As with all the equipment it is a balance of aesthetics with practicality, with the latter having to take precedence of course.

The hot air heating system is being fitted tomorrow which will take up yet more storage space to run the ducting!  And we understand that the stainless steel frame for the wind generator is also scheduled for fitting this week, so things are moving apace.  With a bit of luck Tumi will be in the water next week when her mast can be stepped (fitted) and the electrics to the top of it put in place and connected up.  It feels as though we're finally getting there and an end of May handover could be realistic.

28 May 2014

Tumi is finally in the water: It has been a long time coming!  She was motored over to Plymouth Yacht Haven yesterday to have the mast stepped (fitted) as the crane at QAB marina wasn't high enough.  And as of today she is moored alongside the fuel dock whilst the riggers fit and sort out the rigging.  There is still quite a bit to be completed (wind generator, solar panels, connecting up the onboard equipment to the mast etc) but we can at least see a light at the end of the tunnel.  

The name / logo has been added to the stern and bow on both sides and (we think) looks great - well actually we think Tumi looks pretty amazing!

30/5/2014 ... Nearing completion

Mast on, sails on, wind generator fitted, anchor on .... the list of things left to do is diminishing by the day!  So now only one more day of the electricians, a day of cleaning / polishing and a day of calibration before the big handover on Wednesday next week!  Our job will start in earnest then, kicking off with loading all our kit from Jay Jay back on board after three months in a storage unit in Plymouth.

Boat warming from 2pm on the 8th June for anyone who would like to join us!