19 Apr 2017

19 April 2017 - heading home

This is the last blog for the season. Tumi is all wrapped up in shade cloth, the hull is being cleaned and waxed to protect it against the sun, the dinghy and outboard have been stored with a local business who are looking after Tumi in our absence. We are heading off to the airport soon, signing off for the next seven months! Thank you for reading our blog this season, and we look forward to entertaining you with our adventure next time.
Debra and Paul

17 Apr 2017

17 Apr 17 Winding down for the season

We've been busy for the last two days getting Tumi ready for hauling out tomorrow morning. The sails are off (thankfully in light airs, late afternoon and early morning) the dinghy has been scrubbed and deflated and is sitting on the foredeck in its storage bag ready to go down in the saloon as we leave.
This year we are better prepared with our jobs, I guess it is simply familiarity and experience that allows us not to run around like headless chickens trying to get everything done at the last minute. Hence the blog. We are sitting by the pool relaxing for a while making the most of the facilities the marina has to offer. It also allows us to get away from the rattling noise from the empty mast as the foil that the sail wraps around hits the casing when the boat rocks on the water. Surprisingly we managed to get some sleep last night too! We're also both looking forward to sleeping in a bed that doesn't move all the time. It's been a rocky season, roll on terra firma for the summer!

Here's an iguana that needed to cool off in the heat of the day.

15 Apr 2017

Lobster and mash ...

Sounds disgusting doesn't it? We tried it tonight in a newly opened Italian restaurant as their daily special, recommended by the owner. DELICIOUS!
The mash was cold, served with caramelized carrots and white rice, very Caribbean with a hint of Italy.
We are back in Grenada on the last phase of our season. We will be spending the weekend preparing Tumi for hauling out, removing the sails, spray hood and Bimini, cleaning the stainless, scrubbing the deck and the dinghy bottom etcetera. A busy few days, a prelude to starting the building project 4 days after we get to our new home. Are we crazy or what? No, life is for living!

11 Apr 2017

11/4/2017: Tobago Cays, The Grenadines

We had a super sail down from Bequia on Sunday, one of the rare days this season where the wind was a good speed from the right direction, and the sea state pleasant.  It all rather supports my theory that the last few days of an activity holiday are always good, whether sailing, skiing, hiking, whatever .... just so you'll come back again!

Tobago Cays is a group of three very small islands surrounded by a coral reef.  Whilst offering no protection from the trade winds, the sea is a beautiful turquoise and crystal clear with turtles swimming around the yacht.  It's the most like the Bahamas we've seen outside the Bahamas!  I'm sure French Polynesia will rival it though ....

Yesterday we donned our masks and snorkels to explore the reef .... spectacular.  Whilst the corals themselves weren't as attractive as at Les Saintes, the size and variety of fish was incredible ... pufferfish, parrotfish, blue tang (surgeonfish), various jacks, angelfish, zebra fish .... the list was endless.  There was however quite a strong current so after a time I returned to the dinghy and Paul continued to drift dive between the coral heads and I picked him up downwind some time later.  He's always told me it's like swimming in an aquarium: I can see why he says that now.  We'll go for another snorkel at slack water this morning and then head off to Petit Saint Vincent for tonight.

7 Apr 2017

7/4/2017: Sugar Reef Cafe, Crescent Beach, Bequia

We're having a thoroughly lazy time enjoying lunches ashore and leisurely stroll along beaches and through woodlands.  Today we treated ourselves to the "number one" restaurant on Bequia, Sugar Reef Cafe which sits on Crescent Beach on the windward side of the island.  Lovely food in a lovely spot ....

Whilst we were in Grenada we saw a great light fitting made out of driftwood and preserving jars (sounds awful, we know) but we decided we'd have a go recreating it and so after lunch we went foraging on Crescent Beach for a suitable bit of driftwood.  Success.  Just have to hope BA will let us bring it home!!

4 Apr 2017

4/4/2017: Bequia, The Grenadines

We saved off our final set of guests of this season on Saturday and now have two weeks to ourselves before we have to start putting Tumi to bed for the hurricane season in time for hauling out on 18 April.  Given we had to bypass the Grenadines on our sail south to Grenada because of time constraints we decided to sail back up via Carriacou and arrived yesterday afternoon after a couple of days of pretty decent sailing .... at last!

This morning we've cleared in with Customs and Immigration, topped up on fresh produce at the Rasta market and are just about to return to the boat for lunch and a lazy afternoon, maybe with a walk ashore when it cools down a bit.

We have friends who live on the island so will be meeting up with them over the next day or too.  Bequia is just as colourful and picturesque as we remember it .... it's nice to be back!