11 Feb 2020

Hobart 11th February 2020

On our way south from Freycenet, we were trying to keep ahead of the rain that had been forecast for the region, and even managed a half hour walk along the coastal path on the way. We were walking a trail with an aboriginal name that is very difficult to pronounce, but that had some very striking rock formations.

We arrived in Hobart yesterday afternoon on something of a murky day, with overcast skies. Undaunted, we took ourselves up to the top of Mount Wellington to see if there was a view to be had. Sadly not, we were well into the cloud canopy before we reached the top and there was no view to be had. However, we did manage to get one as we dropped back below the lowest cloud, and Hobart was there in all its glory.

Last night our friends JF and MJ came to visit us for drinks and nibbles in their heavily decorated campervan. As is usual on occasions such as these, we chatted through a few bottles of wine, ate too many nibbles, and were too full to contemplate dining out. However, we went to Hobart waterfront and sampled the nightlife, and then, much later than we anticipated, made our way back to our accommodation. It was easiest for our guests to simply stay put on the driveway in their psychedelic wagon, and so they did.

This morning, after we finally surfaced somewhat jaded from the late night, we went back to the waterfront for a reviving breakfast, and had a couple of photos taken.

This will be our final posting on www.afloatonaboat.com - as we have mentioned before, we have set up a new blog and we will be posting all future updates on this one. It is www.offonourtravels.com and we hope you will continue to follow our progress as we explore the planet.

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