18 May 2019

17/5/2019: Bora Bora

Today has had its highs and lows … the new dinghy arrived and is smartly tied up behind Tumi, we bought a fabulous new painting and I found out I need root canal surgery on Monday. Two positives have wiped out the one negative for today and hopefully the whole weekend but I am dreading Monday afternoon I have to say, no matter how charming the dentist seemed. Yikes.

Anyway back to the good points, a dinghy that's not deflating …. hurrah … and the new painting. The artist, Jean Pierre Frey, and his wife arrived in Bora Bora on their catamaran 5 years ago and decided to stay and set up a gallery. His work is a collage of many their experiences in the Bahamas, Eastern Caribbean and their journey through the Pacific to French Polynesia and so very much mirrors our own experiences and appeals to us on many fronts. The painting will be shipped home and we won't see it again until November so the photo will bring back happy memories in the meantime.

Tonight is the evening reception for the first group's departure on Sunday and we have been invited to join in. It will be a good dry run for the repeat event on Monday, although we might welll miss that because of the dental appointment, so we'll enjoy tonight instead!

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