28 Dec 2010

[Cruise News] Prickly Bay, Grenada

Christmas Day was definitely a day of two halves and didn't finish on a high point at all (more on the Captain's Blog for anyone who hasn't already read it).  So our plans to spend 3 nights in Mustique followed by dinner and fireworks on NY Eve back in Bequia rather back-fired like a damp squib and we had to sail back to Grenada to meet the insurance assessor.  The one high point of all this is that it did feel like coming home!

Telling Nicola and Mike that we'd had a collision in their lovely boat was not something we relished as I'm sure you can imagine but they were brilliant about it and offered to help in anyway they could.  Fotuntely the damage is largely superficial but it's still very disappointing to see Pandora with a bent safety rail and some scratches on her hull.  Hopefully the metalwork will all be sorted by the end of the month and the paintwork shortly thereafter and we can put it all behind us.  

Well we welcome our first guests on board a week tomorrow and it will be lovely to have face to face contact with friends from home once more.  We've got an exciting fortnight planned visiting all the best places we've discovered in the last eight weeks .... it should be fun.  Paul's one beef about it is that he'll now have to start wearing clothes again!  I'm sure all the advantages will out-weigh that minor inconvenience.

Off out to dinner tonight to a new restaurant that's supposedly in a spectacular setting at the end of an idyllic deserted beach.  Quite expensive but I feel we deserve a little something to raise our spirits after the last 48 hours!