13 Dec 2010

[Captains Blog] Tobago Cays

As I sit here typing this blog in the Tobago Cays, I now realise why we are doing this sailing trip. This place is simply out of this world and I would recommend it wholeheartedly to any seasoned yachtie. In fact, one of the islands in the Cays is called 'Worlds End'; maybe that's where it all changes. It is so peaceful here, with really only the sea and wind to disturb us (plus the odd boat boy passing by selling his wares, everything from T-shirts to fresh fish to ice). With a cloudless sky overhead, and cool breezes floating across the newly scrubbed decks (yes- maintenance does go on at all times), the sea is as turquoise as I have ever seen. I have been swimming so close to turtles this morning that I could touch them if I so desired. We have photographed basking iguanas in their natural habitat, wandered around the islands that make up the Cays and swum in waters almost warm enough to bathe in. Does it get better than this? We will just have to see.