13 Dec 2010

[Cruise News] Tobago Cays

I love The Grenadines: a little bit more cosmopolitan than Grenada and her islands and the most amazing coloured seas around all the coral reefs.  Wonderful.  My retail expenditure has increased pro-rata the number of boutiques, much to Paul's chagrin, and not really very practical as we have too many clothes with us anyway!  

I think the fact that we've "abandoned" the generator in Grenada for repairs has given us a freedom we were previously missing and we're making the most of it - this is what we came for, not to be hanging around waiting for parts and repairs.  November was to some extent a wasted month for us but December is looking a lot more promising!  Just the GPS to sort out now and then hopefully we'll be home free!

I gave Paul his first hair-cut today, sitting on the bathing platform at the stern, and I have to say the end result isn't too bad at all.  Not sure I'll be rethinking my career on our return, nor am I letting him loose on my locks - I've discovered an English lady on Bequia who is an hairdresser so think I'll get myself booked in for a Christmas trim.

As we sail around we keep seeing the same boats in different anchorages and we're getting familiar with a lot of the names.  I'm running a bit of a competition for the "best" (?!) name and current contenders include "Lost My Marbles", "Beauty and the Beast" and "YABA JABA".  I think it was the vivid turquoise sail covers, fenders and window shades that qualified "Beauty and the Beast" - not a good look!!

We've met some lovely and interesting people along the way and have enjoyed drinks and dinner with a few of them .... hello to Ringo and Caroline, and Steve and Debbie in particular.  We're also keeping an eye out for a couple from North Bovey on Dartmoor who are heading down to Grenada from Antigua for Christmas - hopefully our paths will cross in some exotic location and we can enjoy a rum punch or two.

Thank you to everyone for your emails - we love to receive them so keep them coming!