6 Dec 2010

[Captains Blog] Carriacou

We had the generator removed from the boat on Saturday and transported to the boatyard workshop where it can be worked on with reasonable space around it (unlike in the lazarette) and so that it can be fully tested and working before it gets put back in place on board. Quite frankly, I'm glad to see the back of it for a while. It means that we are free to go further afield for a few weeks, and only need to return to Grenada after Christmas.

We set off from Prickly Bay this morning and sailed all the way up to Carriacou, setting a course from just off the north Grenada coast, past Kick 'em Jenny the underwater volcano, which thankfully was quiet today, and straight into Tyrrel Bay on Carriacou. A fine piece of navigation and sailing if I say so myself!

Sitting on deck with a sundowner, we were entertained by 20+ pelicans diving for their supper right alonside Pandora. It was quite an amazing spectacle.

Tomorrow we clear out of Grenada, and will sail across to Union Island, and check into St Vincent waters. We will then feel that our journey has truly begun and we will be free to explore the Grenadines proper. Watch this space!