3 Dec 2010

[Captains Blog] Grenada

The ongoing technology saga has us back YET AGAIN in Grenada, this time at least at a new anchorage. It does seem that this has been sent to try our patience. However, we hope to get the generator fixed today (but I won't be holding my breath) which will mean that we can set off northwards once again and hopefully be able to stay there. Friday night is music night over here, and we might, if the repair is successful, be able to go round to where one of the steel bands are playing. Otherwise it's a quiet night in with dinner and a movie on board. We did have a nice surprise yesterday though, we were expecting to have to clear out of Grenada by Monday as we were told that we were allowed a month (time flies like an arrow, but fruit flies like a banana) but when we looked in our passports, they had given us 3 months instead. Pressure off. We might even make the Grenadines proper in that timeframe!