19 Dec 2010

[Cruise News] Back in Bequia

We both enjoyed the Tobago Cays very much - as Paul said, snorkelling on the reef was like swimming in an aquarium.  We also wandered around the islands themselves to meet the wildlife .... quite large iguanas, various birds and even a snake ... although I was assured it was harmless!

A common feature of the Grenadines is the boat boys who stop by on a daily basis to see what they can sell us - fresh fish, enormous lobsters, bread, ice, vegetables .... you get the idea.  Maybe this was where the likes of Tesco home delivery got their idea?!!  They even collect the laundry from your boat and have a floating fuel dock that comes alongside so all very convenient.

Whislt we do buy a limited amount from the boat boys (it is pretty expensive) we mainly shop on shore and visit the local markets.  Bequia has a very organised fruit and vegetable market where locals and vendors from neighbouring St Vincent come across to set up their stalls.  Avocados and mangoes are just coming into season to add to the callaloo, cristophenes, citrus fruits, bananas and pineapples.  I'm still pondering how a pineapple grown out here can cost three times what is does in the UK ......

Many of these vendors are Rastafarians and we've learned from them that they follow an organic diet .... including their ganja!  Whilst we've tried a lot of their products, we've drawn the line at that!  But they are very friendly and greet us with their equivalent of a "high five" - knuckles to knuckles and then to the heart, accompanied by saying "respect".

We spent one night at Petit St Vincent (of dinghy theft fame) this week before returning to Bequia and met some friends of Mike & Nicola's there .... they stopped by Pandora to say hello.  They also turned up in Bequia and we enjoyed drinks on board their boat before heading out for dinner .... all very pleasant indeed ... and they invited us to join them and a group of friends to see in the New Year.  

So life afloat is on the up at last .... and a very good thing too!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!