11 Dec 2010

[Cruise News] Princess Margaret Bay

We finally left Grenada on Tuesday this week sailing over to Union Island and clearing customs into the Grenadines.  And then on Thursday we sailed up to Bequia where we've anchored off Princess Margaret Bay - so named because she used to swim here when staying on neighbouring Mustique.

I have to say The Grenadines feel far more cosmopolitan than Grenada .... but have the prices to match!  

We enjoyed our first "jump-in and BBQ" on Thursday night at a restaurant on the waterfront with a steel band playing along.  We were invited to join a "lime" by two Trinidadians .... really just an informal get together and chat ....or chill session I guess.  All very sociable.

Planning on spending the next couple of weeks in The Grenadines but will zig-zag our way around as most of the islands are only a couple of hours apart and it's hardly worth getting the sails up for that distance!