2 Dec 2010

[Cruise News] St David's Harbour, Grenada

We finally escaped Grenada in the last week to the southern-most island in The Grenadines: Petit Saint Vincent, a privately owned island and luxury resort in the most incredible coloured water we've seen to date.  We didn't go ashore as we were technically "in transit" but enjoyed a BBQ on deck and rum cocktail or two.  Life seemed perfect then ..... the dinghy was stolen!  More of which on Cap'n Peewit's blog.

So after our taste of paradise (?!) we sailed back down to Grenada and are at anchor in a pretty little bay awaiting yet more repairs to the generator and watermaker - a good time to catch up on communication.

Well we've now been out here for 4 weeks and it seems like a good time to review our first month.  I think it's fair to say it's not lived up to our expectations - whether they were too high in the first place is hard to say but the reality is we've sailed a lot less than we'd imagined for a number of reasons.  My "broken" toe put paid to anything too adventurous in the first week but since then the impact of having to return to Grenada twice for spares/repairs and the odd day of bad weather has curtailed our activities rather more than we'd hoped.  

On the plus side we are getting to grips with the lifestyle and understanding more about how Pandora handles (very well indeed - fast, responsive, sails very close to the wind and is supremely stylish to boot!), and the warmth and sunshine, plus regular swimming, have vastly improved the discomfort of my knee and elbow.  We've also met a few nice people and enjoyed drinks and chats with them.  So it's not all a tale of woe but we're both hoping December will be a better month!

Roll on The Grenadines!