2 Jan 2011

[Captains Blog] A new year, a new adventure.

We have started the ball rolling with the insurance people to get Pandora looking back at her best, and will be seeing another boatyard tomorrow to get them to assess the cost of repair. That said, the biggest delay is likely to be getting the paint from wherever we can source it, to the Caribbean. We are trying to be realistic by estimating that we won't be starting anything for several months.

Now. Back to the flying fish I promised to talk about before my last blog. As we ply the waterways between the islands, we never cease to be amazed at how far these fish actually fly. Some of them are sizeable fish, but they leap out of the waves and soar across the surface of the sea escaping from predators. Occasionally they will give a 'flap' of their wing-like fins to gain themselves an additional 50 or so metres extra distance between them and their pursuers. It's a wonder any of them ever get caught. We have seen the odd shoal deciding to take flight and that really is impressive.

Sadly, no sightings of dolphins or whales yet. I keep scanning the horizon to be able to shout 'There she blows' but I won't be holding my breath...