16 Jan 2011

[Cruise News] Tobago Cays, the Grenadines

Our first night back at the Tobago Cays, scene of our Christmas Day collision, and I'm feeling pretty apprehensive about it to be honest.  We've anchored in the lee of one of the small islands this time so if a squall does pass over we should be afforded some protection.  After years of sailing without a thought given to a dragging anchor I'm now somewhat paranoid of it happening again in high winds, despite us taking all sensible precautions.  And we're getting plenty of high winds at the moment.  Not sure when they will die down but I hope it can settle into nice 10-15 knot winds rather than double that range as it has been all month.

We've both enjoyed having friends on board - it's been a lot of fun - and has worked remarkably well in such confined space.  Paul has been brilliant about teaching the rudiments of sailing and I think they will return to the UK quite taken with the sailing life and the area.  Everyone is off snorkelling as I type, trying to get photos of elusive turtles and all the various reef fish.