22 Jan 2011

[Cruise News] Chatham Bay, Union Island

From what we read and hear, it seems like the world's weather is truly screwed up at the moment.  The strong winds in the Caribbean continue making for unrestful nights for Paul & me, checking transits every hour or so to make sure we're anchored securely and haven't moved.  It's a bit like some form of torture .... sleep depravation isn't for me ... but it's better to be safe than sorry.  So tonight we've anchored in one of the most sheltered anchorages we know and are keeping everything crossed for a peaceful night.

One of our favourite places, Bequia, is having a lot of problems at the moment with boats dragging their anchors.  Severe storms between Christmas and New Year have washed away all the sand on the sea-bed, leaving only dead coral which doesn't make for good holding at all.  We've had to resort to anchoring on the less scenic side of the bay where the problem isn't too bad.

We've been joined this week by one of my oldest friends from university days and her sister and are sitting sipping our cocktails whilst Paul tends to the bbq.  Today was a pretty long sail for completely novice sailors but they both rose to the challenge and enjoyed the trip.  We're heading off to the Tobago Cays tomorrow to do a bit of snorkelling with the turtles before wending our way back north early next week.  And then Paul & I are sailing back to Grenada (for what must be at least the fifth time!) to have the generator re-fitted and the repairs to the metalwork done.  And then we will be free of Grenada - we hope - until the end of the season but aren't holding our breath!