17 Jan 2011

[Cruise News] Tobago Cays

Pleased to report we survived a windy night without incident.  The island alongside where we had anchored successfully deflected the wind over the top of Pandora and so whilst we could hear the wind it didn't have any affect on her.  Let's hope that's now put the ghost to rest!

Visiting Crew

Judi and I have been aboard this fine vessel for almost two weeks and it has been a great experience. Not being aware of how the weather would usually be, we are not surprised at the 15-20 foot seas because as far as we know this is normal! The weather has been sunny and breezy, not hot, but with a strong sun. I ( Phil ) have enjoyed the routines and the actaul sailing, although I marvel at how proficient Captain Peewit and Dominique ( Debra) are. Judi has been a great helmsman and I have discovered the delights of the weather rail. Paul and Debra kindly arranged for us to see many flying fish and turtles and even a sperm whale. Highlights have been many and it is hard to find a favourite, but I guess that Tobago Cays has to be the top of the list or close. For those who are visiting the lovely Pandora look forward to an amazing visit.