11 Jan 2011

[Cruise News] Union Island, Bequia

We're back in the Grenadines after our soujourn in Grenada.  The sail up yesterday was not too bad until the last couple of hours when the combination of tide and wind necessitated motoring through pretty big seas - not a great introduction to our guests but a challenge they both rose to and seemed to quite enjoy.

We've had a lazy day today after a rather diffcult night at anchor in Tyrrel Bay, Carriacou.  Winds increased to 35 knots and whislt the anchor held perfectly well I was on edge most of the night "just in case".  Our morning involved a little bit of retial therapy at the Fidel Productions container shop - basically a shop within an old sea container - before a stroll along Paradise Beach and a beer on the sand.  And then in the afternoon we motored around to Sandy Island, a perfect spit of white sand in the middle of the Caribbean sea.

Four on board is working very well with everyone sharing jobs, including the cooking - pesto-crusted loin of pork tonight courtesy of a sarong-wrapped Phil Fowler.  It took a little bit of persuasion to get him into one (worn aka David Beckham) but he says he finds it very liberating.  Not quite the naked chef but moving that way!

So the next 10 days will be spent island-hopping in the Grenadines - let's hope the winds die down a bit to make for a fun time.