27 Nov 2016

27/11/2016 : Key West, Florida

We were lucky enough to be able to sail all the way from No Name Harbor to Key West without having to resort to motor-sailing!  Two whole days of wind and from the right direction too ..... doesn't happen that often.  That said the forecasters got it wrong again: Sunday's forecast was for 15 knots and we actually had over 25 gusting 33, a good job we know what we're doing.

Key West is as colourful, vibrant and trashy as we remember it but charming to boot.  So many different nationalities strolling along Duval Street, marvelling at the bizarre and beautiful all rolled into one.  Every other building is a bar or restaurant .... no need to go thirsty here!

Because we arrived on the Thanksgiving weekend there are a number of events taking place and so we wandered along to the international sand sculpture festival. What those artists can do with sand is incredible.

The weather is beautiful, if a little windy in the exposed anchorage, but the sunsets are stunning.  We'll stay here a few more days waiting for a good weather window to cross to Havana, Cuba.  I'm excited about seeing Cuba if a little apprehensive about the officialdom we might meet .... health inspection, sniffer dogs etc etc, all part of the clearing in process and to a level we've never experienced before.  But a lot of sailors are visiting now so I'm hoping the process is not too problematic.  We'be booked a couple of private tours in a 1950s car, one around Havana and the other to Vinales.  Cuba is a big island and to see it probably would take several months, something we haven't got this time, so it will just be a taster and if we like it we might visit again in the future.

Off ashore now ......