13 Nov 2016

13 Nov 2016 St Augustine

We have been here for a few days now, enjoying the town and we have been made very welcome by Kendra, the cousin of a friend, who has taken us out and about socialising and introduced us to her friends. We like St Augustine, we have been wandering around the town, exploring the lesser trodden parts and have found some wonderful shopping in the 'local' streets away from the tourist trail.

The dinghy and outboard have been tested out, and are working well, once the boat is on the plane, we scoot along much quicker than we ever did in our last boat, and longer distances will not be any problem now. We are looking at going to lunch at a waterside restaurant 5 miles away and the thought doesn't put us off at all.

We were visited in the mooring field by a couple who noticed our Ocean Cruising Club flag yesterday and exchanged experiences with them, they have circumnavigated twice and were able to tell us of their experiences in the Pacific. something for us to look forward to.

We will sail south to West Palm Beach on Tuesday when the winds are favourable (at least according to today's forecast, but the change daily) and we expect the trip to take about 30 hours to complete, but in the mea time, we will still relax on our mooring ball being woken up early in the morning by the klaxon horn of the nearby Bridge of Lions as it announces its opening to the world ... good job we go to bed early!