20 Nov 2016

20/11/16 : No Name Harbour, Key Biscayne

After our maintenance day in West Palm Beach, we enjoyed a fun couple of days dining on the waterfront, exploring Peanut Island, visiting a farmer's market and even going to the movies.  The payback was getting up at 1am this morning to sail down to Key Biscayne, just south of Miami, so we would arrive at high water .... objective achieved and we're now at anchor on a wonderfully warm and sunny day, relaxing in the cockpit surrounded by other boats, many of which we're hoping are day trippers from Miami and that things will quieten down a bit this evening.  We must be getting old!

The sail down wasn't too bad at all but we lost the wind after Fort Lauderdale and had to resort to motor-sailing.  And we had a 1.5knot current against us most of the way which slowed us down considerably.  The forecast front that we hoped would generate some winds never materialised .... another triumph for weather forecasting! We're beginning to question why we bother checking!

So now we'll have a few days here exploring the Key and Biscayne Bay, something open to us now we've got the "new improved dinghy and outboard".  Let's hope there are no speed cops around!