18 Nov 2016

18 Nov 2016 Temporary Repairs done and pulled up for speeding

This morning we rubbed down the first application of gel coat and applied another two coats, rubbed it down and waxed/sealed it to weather proof the damage.

It's not a professional job but good enough to last the season until we can get a proper gel coat repair man on the case. It is weatherproof and though I say so myself, not a bad first attempt!

We had a nice lunch ashore to celebrate the fix, but on the way to a walk at Peanut Island we were exercising the 9.9hp engine when we were pulled over by the sheriff. It seems that we were in a no wake zone making more than a little wake so he put the blues and twos on and we were caught. A brief bit of grovelling and apologising seemed to do the trick, and we were let off with a warning, Phew! However, the same officer in the launch obviously needed a quota today and we saw him pull three more boats in quick succession. We have learned our lesson and will be taking things a little slower from now on.