22 Nov 2016

22/11/2016 No Name Harbour, Biscayne Bay

We can't believe how Spanish it is here in the Miami area, from conversation to music to looks.  English definitely seems to be a second language!  That said it's a fun and friendly place to be and naturally very beautiful with manatees swimming around the boat and Pelicans flying above it .... not that I trust them when they're on a bombing mission..... the bimini bears testament to the accuracy of their bombs.  Say no more.

Now we're the proud owner of the new and improved dinghy and outboard, we're using them to explore our surroundings so today saw us flying across Biscayne Bay at around 12 knots to visit Coconut Grove, a suburb of Miami.  $400 on clothes later we beat a retreat.  The return trip was a bit more bouncy as the wind had built up, the swell also, but we made it back with no problem.

We spent yesterday evening in the company of a nice British couple, also anchored in No Name Harbor, and enjoyed several G&Ts before they fell back into their dinghy and made their way home.  A fun night all round.  This morning it was down to earth with a bump for Paul changing the impeller on the generator .... never a dull moment!

One more day here and we'll start the 200 mile sail to Key West.  We'll break it twice (too many lobster pots around to sail after dark) and then Cuba beckons.