5 Dec 2012

[Captains Blog] Day 9 18N 33W

Another cloudy morning but the sun is trying to put in an appearance and it is still very mild. Fortunately the sea state has calmed a little with the wind and so it's making for a more comfortable, if slower, passage. The forecast for the next few days is for diminishing winds so we may well be flying the gennaker within a short time. Currently bowling along at around 6.5 knots with the foresail poled out so not complaining! The whisker pole has been in permanent use since we left the Canaries and is proving its worth. 

We've been able to overcome the low battery situation by some judicial power management. The basic problem was the draw for the fridge and so now we are just running the freezer and switching on the fridge whenever the generator is running. So, we'll be able to get to St Lucia and sort out the fridge requirements there. We will still need to supplement the charging capability with some solar panels to give us the comfort factor as we are at anchor during our stay in the islands. 

Phil has made the bread today - we are trying to see whether anyone else aboard has the magic Ed touch as far as creating delicious bread rolls for our lunch. I failed miserably yesterday and managed to cause severe concussion to the fish around the boat when we threw it away. The pear crumble we made yesterday because the fruit had started to go soft will be consumed at lunchtime today with some custard for good measure - can't waste good food. 

Still no luck on the fishing front. Something took the trace and the lure today and left me with a bare fishing line on the end. I'll get one yet!