9 Dec 2012

[Captains Blog] Day 13 16.5N 41.7W

Yesterday proved to be an utter pig of a day. We had no wind, and the engine had to be running all day, the weather was particularly hot and our PC decided it wasn't going to talk to anybody via email. I spent most of the day wrestling with the damn computer, aided admirably by Debra and Ed who tried their best to help me get it working again. This morning on my watch between 00:00 and 03:00 I carried on the fight, and finally this morning we had a breakthrough and managed to connect, send and receive mails again.

Things are looking positive, as I type this we have 1116 nm to go to ST Lucia, a nice current pushing us along at 1 knot, and the forecast is that we will have reasonable winds to sail again this afternoon.

The nights have been pretty amazing on watch, as we get deeper into the tropics, the phosphorescence in the water is increasing, and the trail of sparkles in the wake of the boat are magical. Nature is so clever. It is mesmerising. The stars were out in force last night too, we managed a couple of star sights and this will enable us to do an accurate position fix to complement the sun run sun and meridian sights. All good stuff.

Debra has been catching up on Spooks season one on the DVD TV, I am getting my Game of Thrones fix (although I have just finished the latest book and need to get to St Lucia asap to download the next one). Ed has been concentrating on astro navigation, and Phil has been honing his sailing skills in between keeping his diary posted and regaling us with his singing. All in all one happy crew, well fed, well watered and working together as a team, especially in the face of adversity when things go wrong and I can do with the support to fix them, moral and practical. Jay Jay rules!