4 Dec 2012

[Captains Blog] Day 8 18.5N 29.4W

Cloudy today, but still nice and warm in the tropics. Sun-dried tomato and olive bread is baking in the oven, we are preparing a pear crumble and cottage pie for our dinner this evening, and we are bowling along quite nicely in the breeze. Close to 1800 miles left to go now. 

We had our first flying fish land on the deck last night, and yesterday afternoon, we passed some flotsam nearby - a fishing net (or part of one) with a turtle trapped inside it, and another pushing it along presumably trying to help its dead friend. People should be more responsible with their detritus. 

We managed to get some astro navigation done last night - taking sights on Sirius and Procyon which when reduced gave our position as only 11 nautical miles away from our GPS reading. Not bad considering the sights were taken from a pitching deck in sea swells topping 10 feet. Maybe some more sights tonight if the skies are clear. 

Sleep deprivation is something of an issue - it is not that we don't have enough free time, but that our sleep patterns are so disrupted that when we get the chance to sleep, the body isn't ready. This does mean that we have been swapping watches around a bit to allow those who are particularly tired to try and get the valuable sleep they need. It must be incredibly hard on the two handers in the fleet. 

Speaking of the fleet, we haven't seen another soul on the horizon for days now. We know from the position reports that we have other boats in our vicinity, but nothing seen as yet. We will keep looking. 

Tried fishing for the first time yesterday - a fish took the lure in moments but the trace clamp parted and I lost it. I did see a decent sized fish jump out of the water close to where the hook was, but it got away. There will be others.