13 Dec 2012

[Captains Blog] Day 17 15.5N 51.5W 560 miles to go

Sitting in the cockpit we are discussing films and the actors who played them. Ice cold in Alex is the topic of conversation, probably prompted by the dream of a cool beer waiting for us in ST Lucia. Now we have moved on to the (British) Empire and what role if we had been around at the time, that we would like to have had. Interesting how the thoughts flow.

We are making good progress today, the winds are favourable, the sun is shining, a few cumulus clouds scatter the skies, and we are in good spirits.

The whales visited us again yesterday, as did the dolphins, small ones by comparison with the European breed. All we have left to get under our belts if for Ed and Phil to see the 'Green Flash' phenomenon. It does exist, Debra and I have seen it more than once, but they are somewhat elusive, particularly on this trip.

The stars were out in abundance last night, I even saw the Southern Cross, and the false Southern Cross side by side low in the sky just before dawn. For some reason I get really excited when I see this constellation, and I had to make sure all the crew saw it (Ed had to be roused from his slumbers, but I think it was appreciated in the end).

Nearing the 500 miles to go mark (we have all stated the time this evening when we cross this threshold), the numbers of boats around us should increase and we will have to be more vigilant especially at night time. It will be strange to see other boats again in close proximity. Nearly there!