16 Aug 2019

16/8/2019: Cid Harbour Whitsunday Island, Queensland

We earned our lunch today … up reasonably early we embarked on scaling Whitsunday Peak, 407m above sea level (and that's where we started of course!) and it was basically 2.5km straight up! Our legs aren't used to such a challenge after 9 months afloat but we made it along the trail through the dry rainforest in around an hour. Walking out onto the rocky outcrop at the top revealed a stunning 360 degree view over the surrounding islands …. we can now really see why someone rather poetically described them as a handful of emeralds tossed onto turquoise velvet.

Paul got to tick off another box on his Australia list, this time sighting a kookaburra in the tree alongside the trail. A relative of the Jay family it has a very distinctive call. We were the first people climbing the peak today and so Paul, leading the way, cleared it of all overnight cobwebs as he strode out and scared away the critters, only nearly treading on one snake! I'm very glad he went first!

The anchorage at Cid Harbour is very sheltered and pretty, and popular too with both cruisers and sharks! Signs warn against swimming following a number of shark attacks in the last year … we're happy to comply! We'll spend another night here before venturing to the mainland over the weekend.

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