2 Apr 2019

29/3/2019: Baie Hanamoenoa, Tahuata

There are a few challenges in the Marquesas: poor communication links, limited provisioning and virtually unpronounceable place names! Each day since arriving we have had to visit one of the two restaurants in Atuona that has Wifi available, to touch base with friends and family and catch up with admin. It’s lovely to touch base with people but the speed and quality of the link makes it somewhat frustrating with poor reception on calls and very slow internet speeds.

We motored over to Tahuata yesterday afternoon and dropped anchor in this very nice bay, joining a few other ARC boats. Later in the afternoon, a few cats arrived and settled in among the monohulls, and we were in the midst of our friends again. We invited three of the cats aboard Tumi for drinks and Mango duly invited us back for dinner to help them eat the massive wahoo that they had caught. The evening turned out to be brilliant, and Phil was something of a star, regaling the crowd with his singing. So much for not drinking much alcohol after our three-week detox, that has gone right out of the window!

Today we have been doing boat things, Phil cleaned the steel work, Dan scrubbed the decks and went around the waterline to remove any green algae (he’s the only one that can get in the water for the next few days while our tattoos heal up a bit) and Debra and I defrosted the fridge and freezer. We relaxed during the day, had a BBQ this afternoon, and this evening we set off for Ua Pou, travelling overnight so that we arrive in the daylight. Unfortunately, the winds have dropped to nothing and we are motoring. Ho hum.

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