12 Apr 2019

11th April 2019 Pouheva, Makemo, Tuamotos

We made a real day of it partying yesterday.

Mango arrived in the morning and before long we and the other ARC boats were invited to go over to their boat for a drink and some lunch, which went on for quite some time. We also booked to eat out last night at the only restaurant in town and all boats joined in.

Unfortunately, during the day we developed a small leak in one of the seams in a tube on the dinghy (the front one), probably the result of being trodden on a few times too many. We have located the leak, and have stuck a repair patch on today to try and cure it. Now we need to leave it deflated for 24 hours for the glue to set properly.

We leave tonight to head for Tahanea, another atoll on the way to Fakarava. It doesn't look as though we will have much wind, but who knows, the forecast might be wrong!

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