27 Jan 2017

27/1/2017 : Falmouth Harbour, Antigua

We picked up a mooring ball at a small island near St Barth's called La Forchue on Wednesday night because we're having problems with our windlass, the motor which effectively raises and lowers the anchor.   For some reason is it running at half speed and is simply not up to the job of lifting the anchor without Paul also hauling on the chain.  Even then it trips out and so taking mooring balls when we can seems a sensible option.  The island was barren and quite sinister in some respects .... or at least Judi and I thought so!

Thursday we had our best day's sail of the season yet sailing down to Antigua, with the wind about 60 degrees off and a benign sea state.  We arrived just before dark and a massive downpour but were enjoying a G&T by then.  This morning we coast hopped around from Jolly Harbour to Falmouth Harbour to clear in with Customs and Immigration and also explore Nelson's Dockyard.

Phil & Judi have three more days with us, one of which we'll use to take the local bus into the Antiguan capital of St John's.  It's nice to be back!