14 Jan 2017

14/1/17 : Frenchman's Cay,. Tortola

We've just enjoyed a lovely lunch in the sunshine at this small boutique hotel near Sopers Hole with yet another fabulous view from the terrace. The manager has invited us to use all of their facilities and so we're about to grab a lounger by the pool and snooze the afternoon away!

The cold front we have been running ahead of since the Turks is still making its presence felt with high winds and a few short, sharp showers, enough to disturb our sleep
at night as we have to keep getting up to open and close hatches. A hard life.  Fortunately it's forecast to moderate from midweek and so we're looking forward to some easier passages.

Friends arrive on Tuesday so we're stocking up with food and drink before we head to the more remote Islands. After several days at sea in tough conditions it's nice to have a bit of shore time.