10 Sept 2014

[Cruise News] La Coruna

Yes we're still here!  We've been watching the weather forecasts for the last day or two in readiness for heading south and guess where the winds are coming from?  Yes, the south, meaning we would have to tack our way down the coast of Portugal which is always frustrating.  We'd decided to coast-hop along a way yesterday but when we fired up the engine it soon became apparent we wouldn't be going anywhere.  The fan that extracts hot air from the engine compartment had started making noises was we neared La Coruna last week and it's few days of rest haven't resolved the problem.  Quite the reverse in fact and a replacement part is needed.  As this is a warranty issue we're now waiting for Jeanneau to send the unit to their local dealer here in Coruna and so hopefully it will be fitted in the next day or two and we can head south.
On Monday we got out our bikes and cycled the Paseo Maritimo (5km long promenade) which was very enjoyable in the sunshine.  We had planned on heading out again today but Paul turned his ankle yesterday afternoon and thinks he might have chipped a small bone in his foot.  A day of rest might be the more sensible option.