1 Sept 2014

[Captains Blog] Fowey

Before we left Fowey, I wanted to make sure that the paddle log would work after a bit of cleaning. I pulled out the unit, shoved the blank stopper in its place and cleaned up the wheel. If it doesn't turn with the water flowing over it, we don't get a log reading. However, when I tried to put it back, it wouldn't go. Water was coming into the boat a quite a rate, and I wasn't happy. I couldn't seat the unit properly, and so the water ingress wouldn't stop. I decided that we wouyld replace the blank, and set off to Falmouth and let the engineer have a look at it. We started out from Fowey heading westwards, hoping to find an engineer to look at the anenometer, but we got almost to Falmouth where we were expecting a Raymaribe engineer to be waiting for us, only to discover that there had been a cock-up on the communications front and he had gone off on another job. So we went into St Mawes and dropped the hook. While we were there, we sorted out the depth gauge and paddle log, finally getting it back into its docking station and water tight. Panic over.