8 Sept 2014

[Captains Blog] La Coruna

It's nice to be back here in this lovely old city. The journey down was not without incident ... Phil noticed that there was a bolt on the foredeck and on further investigation we found that two bolts had removed themselves from their housing and the roller furling mechanism was only being held in place by a steel bracket that the furler was sitting in (just!). We managed to jiggle the unit sufficiently to line up the hole to be able to insert the bolt and at least hold it till we could get some replacements fitted. That was done today, and we are able to continue our journey. However, the winds have moved and we will be sailing southwards in southerly winds which is not ideal. We will check the Grib files in the morning and decided whether to stay a day or two more here before we set out again. Not being on a timetable is much better and we can feel a bit more relaxed about our departure date.