7 Sept 2014

[Cruise News] La Coruna Marina, NW Spain

We finally arrived in Spain late on Friday night after a 3.5 day passage from Falmouth.  It was a very benign crossing with us having to motor-sail much of the way as winds were so light.  However, it did mean that it made for a very calm sea which knowing Biscay's reputation was quite a relief!  Saturday we explored the town and enjoyed a lovely (if somewhat late .... restaurants don't actually open until 9pm at night here) dinner in the square sitting under the stars .... very romantic, Paul, Phil and me!
This morning we walked along to the Torre De Hercules, the world's oldest working lighthouse which dates from Roman times and then saw Phil onto the bus for the airport at lunchtime just before the heavens opened.  Seems to be passing over now, fingers crossed.
We're hoping to head south in the next day or two and will head down to Lisbon, maybe stopping at Baiona but we'll see.  After that the route to the Canaries will depend on the wind direction .... hopefully via Madeira, if not via the Algarve, but getting warmer and sunnier as we head south.  Can't wait!