12 Jan 2018

11 January 2018 Les Saintes

I caught a Barracuda the other day on our way south from Antigua. Everyone on board was so shocked, no-one managed to get a photo of my success. It was a good size, very healthy and full of teeth. Nevertheless, I managed to land it successfully, got the hook out of it's mouth and put it back to bite another day.

Since then we have been lounging around the islands in Les Saintes, snorkeling, dining well, drinking far too much, but then that's what cruising is all about. The islands here are simply beautiful, a great mix of culture, history, beauty and amazing snorkelling ... our favourite place in the Eastern Caribbean.

We've got to head north again soon but will be stopping off in Des Haies to visit the botanical gardens and hopefully hire a car to explore a bit of Guadeloupe.