19 Jan 2018

17/1/2017 : Farewell Antigua

We dropped off Phil and Judi yesterday after a fun two weeks spent between Antigua and Guadeloupe.  Sadly the weather was pretty unsettled with quite a few rain showers but they returned home relaxed and with a tan.  Our last full day was spent enjoying the luxury of Sheer Rocks restaurant at the Cocobay resort ... relaxing on daybeds with a personal plunge pool to cool off in, drinking cocktails and dining on creative tapas ... a wonderful day with the turquoise Caribbean Sea as a backdrop.  What's not to enjoy!

So today is about laundry, reprovisioning, cleaning, communication, haircuts etc in readiness for sailing away from Antigua tomorrow morning for the very last time.  It will be a sad moment as we've loved our time on this island over the years ... we estimate we've spent approaching 6 months here in total ... but we're very excited about the adventures to come.

Running out of battery .... more later!