24 Mar 2011

[Captains Blog] Gustavia, St Barts

More by luck than judgement, we have arrived in Gustavia, St Barts on the day before the Bucket Regatta starts. This regatta involves many of the megayachts I referred to in an earlier blog, which will be racing around the island trying to beat the competition. Last night we were strolling along the quayside on our way to enjoying an expensive but delicious meal admiring the sheer size, elegance and beauty of some of these boats. It is simply a different world from ours. The attention to detail in maintaining these beauties is second to none and everything about them simply oozes class. It will be wonderful to see them under full sail jostling for position at the start line in very close proximity as they vie for the prime spot and steal a march on their opponents, or even steal their opponents' wind. I wonder how many will actually come through unscathed from it all at the end of the day.

The good thing about the regatta is that there are open bars and dock parties every night for us to go along and enjoy and meet some of the players. Always an interesting thing to do. We took some of our newly made Danish friends Hanne and Jens to the last one on Antigua, and by sheer coincidence they are due to arrive here in Gustavia today, so we may end up doing the same thing again (and again!). It's a tough life, but someone's got to do it.

The next three days will see the likes of the Maltese Falcon, Genevieve and other boats we have been rubbing shoulders with in anchorages or marinas really strutting their stuff. We are anchored next to several of the contestants out in the bay here, and at dinner last night we were on adjacent tables with many of the crew members, all of which seemed to know each other very well. I suppose it is a very closed circle of players comprising sailors who have been born to crew for the mega-rich.

Life in Chagford may never be the same again .... Ho hum.