29 Mar 2011

[Captains Blog] Back in Gustavia, St Barts

Here's a question for you - how far would you travel to a fuel station to fill up with cheap fuel???? Two Miles? Five? I bet the answer is probably not more than five and definitely not more than ten. 

Well yesterday I think we created some sort of record. We travelled 45 nautical miles (over 51 statutory miles) to do just that! We left St Barts early in the morning and sailed around to St Martin (as opposed to Sint Maarten) into Marigot Bay where there is a circular marina (tres chic n'est-ce pas?) where we put loads of fuel into the hungry tanks for a very reasonable price. I just love these duty free islands, they make me and my wallet very happy. Having filled up the tanks we quickly caught up with our Danish friends to bid them bon voyage and headed out around the island in a big circle to return down the (very) windward coast to St Barts. 

Circumnavigation complete, we happily wouldn't bother going to Sint Maarten ever, but might consider calling into St Martin to refuel if we were passing. As for Anguilla, it looked like an overdeveloped low-lying piece of uninteresting land not worth the visit we were debating as we neared its coastline. All right, it might be famous for its beaches, but we have seen enough of those in the past 5 months.

So, with Anguilla being the most northerly island in the Leeward Islands, we have gone as far north as we intend to, and have effectively done the length of the Windward and Leeward Island chain. Mission Accomplished with over 1500 nautical miles behind us. Now we will clock up some more miles by starting to meander our way back to revisit some of the more interesting spots, starting with Les Saintes.