20 Nov 2010

[Cruise News] Tyrrel Bay, Carriacou

Well with my toes/shin healing nicely we've been sailing this week and have made it as far as Carriacou, the smaller sister island to Grenada where, apparently, it's possible to see a pelican sitting on a buoy with a sea-gull perched on its head!  Well we've seen plenty of pelicans on buoys but no sea-gulls as yet. The one on the right perched atop a solitary tree was photographed at Sandy Island.

The whole communication side of things is taking more time than we imagined it would, but please don't stop sending your emails which we love to receive.  It's more finding somewhere to sit quietly for a couple of hours to update the website, answer emails and make Skype calls without interruptions or losing the signal ....

We're eating well and making use of local produce as much as possible as imported goods are very expensive indeed! I'm becoming the master of one-pot cooking .... and dishing up some simple but tasty meals.

When we went ashore this morning to a small supermarket, in the hope of buying some fruit etc., we were disappointed to see empty shelves but just outside a local man, Rufus, told us he sells fruit and veg from his garden every Saturday morning so we followed him along the street to his stand and had our pick of fig bananas, papaya, tomatoes, green oranges, limes, a type of basil etc., so we came back laden down with his produce.

I have to say, whilst the range is limited, the flavours are great .... possibly the sweetest tomatoes I've ever had!  Must be something to do with all the sunshine .....