14 Nov 2010

[Cruise News] St Georges

We've not covered as many miles this week as we'd hoped following my (Debra's) accident on Monday so have contented ourselves motoring along the south coast and relaxing at anchor in beautiful bays.  In that respect the enforced rest has been a bonus - our anchoring skills are now honed to perfection, or so I like to think!

It's been hot, hot, hot this week, apparently unseasonably so given the high humidity levels.  The solution?  Lots of refreshing swims!  Tip to anyone visiting us: Don't bring much in the way of clothing!  Paul has taken to wearing a sarong for evenings onboard - very David Beckham, but cool of course.

We ventured into St Georges, the capital, yesterday on the local buses.  Packed to the gunwhales and with reggae music booming out, we felt very much one of the locals.  And for an extra EC$5 (approx. £1.25) the bus dropped us right back to the dinghy dock .... what service!

I've been allowed out of the galley tonight to have dinner ashore.  The trade-off is navigating home in the dinghy in the dark through a very narrow channel in the reef - better keep a sober head!  Cooking hasn't been a problem at all - the galley is relatively spacious, well equipped and laid out - and sea sickness hasn't been an issue so far, thank goodness.  Quite how I'd be "down below" in rough seas, I'm yet to find out.  It'll probably be Paul's turn that day ....

Looking forward to venturing a little further in the coming week so watch this space ...