21 Nov 2010

[Captains Blog] Carriacou

Last night as we were watching a movie (Stardust, very cute) I had the impression that we might be dragging the anchor in the gale that was blowing outside. We had laid the anchor with 5 times the depth in length of chain, which had held for 2 days with no problem, but on this occasion it wasn't enough. So at the height of the storm, we were out on deck raising the anchor, motoring to a new location and re-setting said anchor, this time with 6 times the depth in length of chain. It held on the second attempt. But we were both absolutely drenched at this point, and the subsequent checks to see that we weren't dragging again didn't make for a good night's sleep.

happily, today dawned bright and sunny, albeit a bit breezy with winds of 20+ knots. Made for an interesting sail with 2 reefs in, but the rum cocktails at the end of the day helped to soothe the frayed nerves, and the sunset was glorious.