28 Dec 2018

28th December: Bequia

We're enjoying a great Christmas time here in Bequia with lots going on to keep us entertained. Our Christmas Day lunch was a fun affair with thirty or so of us from around the world coming together to share food and drinks and celebrate the day. Boxing Day saw us walking off the excesses of the day before, hiking 7 miles along the north-western ridge of Bequia with incredible views towards St Vincent. A hot and sweaty outing but fantastic. We're trying to hike most days but having a day off today: 11 of us are going out for lunch at our favourite restaurant. We may walk back .....

We've decided to stay in Bequia for New Year and then will head north to St Lucia. So another five days or so in one of our favourite places out here and then we'll wave goodbye for the final time. And this time it probably will be the last time, after two previous final farewells. Rather like some of the old popstars who keep having just one more farewell tour!!

Note to self: Take some photos!!

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