12 Dec 2018

12 December 2018 - Le Marin, Martinique

We spent a lot of the weekend cracking on with writing book two, and it currently stands at 35,000 words and is flowing very well. Hqowever, we noticed that the inverter we have been using to convert the 12V boat system into 220V didn't appear to be charging the laptop. The charge light wasn't doing what we expected, so we started thinking that the laptop was failing. We need it on our passage to send and receive emails and weather reports, so we weren't best pleased. Anyway we took it into a local repair shop and the owner proved that the charge cable was doing what it should when connected to the mains, so by process of elimination, we singled out the inverter. The nice Frenchman said that we needed a pure sine wave inverter to do the job instead of the cheaper version we had on board, so off we went and €131 later we returned to Tumi to fit it.

So we're pleased to report that it's doing it's job and the laptop is charging. We went out for a late lunch to celebrate! And very enjoyable it was too, even though Debra shared hers with a local visitor.

Today is all about trying to get the problem with the SSB radio diagnosed so we've motored around to Le Marin and are awaiting them turning up. Another day in paradise!!