17 Feb 2018

17/2/18: Carriacou

We waved Jon and Hannah off on Wednesday evening, quite literally as their plane flew directly overhead Tumi as we were at anchor in Prickly Bay! They seemed to enjoy Grenada and returned home accredited PADI open water divers ... something that will come in very useful when they come to see us in the Pacific next year!

We had a day out at a local hotel as guests of the management which made a nice change. I loved going out on a Hobiecat and put the ghost of St Lucia from five years ago well and truly behind me (I failed to get us back to shore that time, no such problem in Grenada!). Paul and Jon also enjoyed their time aboard.

We didn't get to do much sailing on this visit: Grenada, being at the bottom of the Windward Island chain, needs winds which are south of east to be able to "escape" and we had constant, strong north-easterlies .... the direction we needed to sail ... but we did get some spectacular sunsets.

After a day of laundry and re-provisioning, our usual routine before and after guests on board, we're now heading north into the Grenadines, destination Bequia. The winds remain north of east so we had to motorsail up to Carriacou yesterday and in all likelihood will have the same again today. But looking at the forecast for the next week, if we're to stand any chance of getting there in moderate east-north-easterlies, yesterday and today are the best options ... high winds start tomorrow until Thursday. So another hard beat today to Port Elizabeth and then we'll hunker down and ride out the blow!