17 Mar 2013

[Cruise News] Back in B-b-boqueron!

We gave up on motoring east along the south coast of Puerto Rico on Thursday and decided to return to the west end of the island, probably the sensible option for the passage to the Bahamas. 

Weekend is party time in Boqueron and this weekend sees the celebration of St Patrick's Day with a parade and lots of fun and festivities.  It was lovely arriving back in Boqueron as people we knew were still here and pleased to see us .... always nice to see a friendly face.  Since we were here midweek, one of the oldest buildings lining the waterfront (a lop-sided, clapboard building painted turquoise) has burnt down.  A shame for the town but it's also knocked out the internet too .... a real hassle for cruisers!

Oh, and by the way, we're leaving tomorrow all being well.  At last!