19 Mar 2013

[Cruise News] About to depart for the Bahamas at last

Well I'm pleased to report that we're finally weighing anchor and setting off for the Bahamas.  The weather window looks good and I can't wait to be on our way!  Bahamas here we come!!!!

Sadly the end to our stay in Puerto Rico has been blighted by me being pick-pocketed at the St Patrick's Day festivities, not by native Puerto Ricans I hasten to add who have been nothing but kind and helpful resolving our situation.  But we lost over $600 of cash, all our credit cards and our driving licenses in the incident.  I can picture the people who did it but won't mention their nationality to avoid creating an international incident!  They made a show of being friendly and interested in what we are doing and I was taken in by it.  Anyway, learning points from the experience and we have managed to get things sorted helped by a wonderful American couple we have got friendly with (Becky and Joe) who have ferried us around in their hire car, and two charming Puerto Ricans (Miguel and Rey) who have been sympathetic and helpful in communicating with the local police to file the theft report, and gave me a big hug to boot.  It kind of restores your faith in the human race.

I'm really looking forward to the passage to the Bahamas and to getting there.  Will be back online in around 5 days all being well.